Root Canal Treatment – Plattsburgh, NY

Achieve a Pain-Free, Healthy Smile

Sometimes, a filling or crown just isn’t enough when you’re trying to restore health to a badly decayed tooth. At True North Dental Group, our doctors want to help you maintain a fully natural smile, if at all possible – that’s why we offer root canal treatment in Plattsburgh as an effective last resort. Our dedication to modern technology and comfort will help you feel at ease throughout the procedure, and we know you’ll be impressed by your treated tooth’s new strength and function. Contact our dental office today to schedule your first appointment.

Why Choose True North Dental Group for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Calming Demeanor Among Dentists & Dental Team
  • Highly Respected Dental Practice in Plattsburgh
  • Advanced Dental Technologies for More Accurate Results

How Do I Know if I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Model of damaged tooth that needs root canal treatment in Plattsburgh

Here are some common signs and symptoms you may experience:

  • Significant pain that affects a certain tooth when chewing your food
  • Oral sensitivity to changes in temperature
  • A tooth suddenly becomes darker in color
  • Red and/or badly inflamed gums that are located around a certain tooth
  • Numbness in the gums around a certain tooth

However, the only way to be truly confident about the care you need is by visiting True North Dental Group for a checkup. Dr. Gerner, Dr. Hanna, or Dr. Heins can evaluate your condition and provide personal treatment recommendations, so the damage that’s been done is dealt with as effectively and conveniently as possible.

The Root Canal Treatment Process

Illustrated dental instrument cleaning the inside of a tooth

Root canal treatment will involve our team carefully accessing the inner chamber of your tooth to thoroughly clear away the diseased pulp and dangerous bacteria from the canals in question. We’ll replace it with a perfectly biocompatible substance and then seal the tooth shut to minimize the risks of further infection. Finally, in most cases, a custom all-ceramic dental crown can seamlessly restore any damaged or lost tooth structure, helping you maintain a natural tooth that both looks and feels great.

Many patients have heard of root canal treatment’s bad reputation, but today, most people say that the procedure hurts no more than receiving a typical filling. You’ll also be sure to enjoy its high success rate and long-lasting effects; in fact, plenty of treated teeth thrive for the rest of your life, given that they’re cared for properly with professional checkups and diligent at-home care.