Advanced Dental Technology – Plattsburgh, NY

Incorporating Modern Solutions for Better Dentistry

Modern dentistry is not found in all dental offices. While some professionals continue to use more traditional methods, others like our team at True North Dental Group believe in delivering innovative technological solutions so that our patients can experience one-of-a-kind dental care. From the incorporation of AI for second opinions to using digital impressions to ensure more accurate and comfortable restorations, we invite you to learn more about the advanced dental technology in Plattsburgh that we use below.

Second Opinions with State-of-the-Art AI

Hands holding a hologram that says A I with several icons of technology

Patients who want a second opinion may already feel frustrated by the fact that they are having to seek someone else’s expertise. This is why we want to make sure that we are providing the most accurate information to our patients. But for those who come to us to confirm or deny a previous recommendation from another professional, we use artificial intelligence (AI).

Using the company, Pearl, we can use AI to analyze X-rays and provide honest, transparent second opinions. The way it works is Pearl has relied on thousands of dentists to analyze millions of X-rays. As a result, this generates the AI’s opinion. In essence, it is providing the opinions of multiple dentists into one. It’s also possible for the AI to make recommendations for diagnoses using the diagnostic images provided.

Because the human eye can only differentiate between 70 or 80 shades of gray, AI can evaluate between 500 to 700 shades, allowing for greater accuracy when providing second opinions.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

C T cone beam scanner against white wall of dental office

Patients who are preparing to undergo dental implant placement or other similar complex procedures will likely have their teeth, gums, and nearby facial structures analyzed with the help of our CT/Cone Beam Scanner. Rotating 360-degrees around a person’s head, it takes countless pictures to create a single 3D model that Dr. Heins can evaluate when planning and preparing for implant placement.

Digital Dental Impressions

Dentist capturing digital impressions of teeth

Our iTero and Medit digital dental impression systems create a more comfortable and patient-friendly approach to restoration creation. Unlike dental putty of the past that was cold and messy, this handheld device quickly scans the teeth and gums to generate a 3D model on a nearby monitor. From there, lab technicians can begin to create a custom crown, bridge, denture, or even veneers to ensure optimal comfort and aesthetics.

Intraoral Camera

Dental team member holding thin white intraoral camera

Being able to see what it is our team sees when looking inside the mouth is no longer a mystery. Instead, it is easy to do thanks to our intraoral camera. This small, pen-like device scans the mouth and immediately projects what it sees onto a chairside monitor. Not only does this make it easier for our doctors to identify even the smallest areas of decay, but it also serves as a teaching tool that we can use when discussing the reasons for treatment and ways to improve oral health and hygiene at home.

Soft Tissue Laser

Hand holding small dental laser device

When needing to treat the soft oral tissues of the mouth, Dr. Heins, Dr. Gerner, and Dr. Hanna can use our soft tissue laser. Designed to carefully treat and remove infected or excess gum tissue, its concentrated beam of light offers greater precision, being sure to stay away from healthy tissue during treatment. The laser’s ability to cauterize while it cuts helps to minimize bleeding and swelling, and because it sterilizes as part of the process, there is a reduced risk of post-surgery infection.