About Our Dental Office – Plattsburgh, NY

Compassionate Dentistry That Puts Patients’ Needs First

At True North Dental Group, Dr. Craig Heins, Dr. Carl Gerner, and Dr. Najlaa Hanna are a team of three highly esteemed professionals who care about patients. Offering comprehensive services that help to address an array of oral health concerns, we focus our attention on the needs of each individual, using the latest, most advanced technologies and techniques to produce beautiful results. Whether you are a new or current patient, we invite you to discover more about our practice and why you won’t find another dental office in Plattsburgh quite like ours.


Why We Chose Our Name

Man smiling in dental chair of Plattsburgh dental office

When Dr. Heins and Dr. Gerner came together to formulate a name for our dental practice, they wanted something that would involve the ideas that they both hold dear. Considering the purpose of a compass and its ability to help sailors navigate the seas, the North Pole served as the reference point that allowed the compass to direct them to their desired location. In thinking about this useful tool, Dr. Heins and Dr. Gerner began to consider their own principles and moral compass. They’ve maintained a commitment to loyalty, honesty, thoughtfulness, and kindness – all of which encompassed their paths into what is now True North Dental Group.

We Want to Do What’s Right for Our Patients

Dentist showing a denture model to a patient

While many dental practices believe in providing patients with services that are expensive and unnecessary, we take a different approach. At True North Dental Group, our team focuses on the needs of each patient and provides only what is best for them. There is no upselling at our dental office. Instead, we explain the various options that are available and work alongside each person to create a plan they are confident in.

Outstanding Team, Wide Variety of Services

Plattsburgh dental team member showing a screen to a patient

With nearly 1,000 dental patient reviews, we frequently receive positive feedback regarding the compassion of our dental hygienists as well as the comprehensive services that are available. Because each of our dentists has unique specialties, we are able to provide additional treatment options that are not found at other dental practices in the area – a major benefit that we’ve found our patients appreciate.

Invested in the Newest Techniques & Technologies

Dental treatment chair

At True North Dental Group, we invest in creating positive patient experiences. One way we do this is by using advanced dental technologies and techniques. This means opting for digital X-rays as opposed to traditional radiographs, using digital impressions instead of cold dental putty, and employing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for second opinions. In adding these to our practice, our patients can undergo a more conservative, innovative, and comprehensive approach to dentistry that allows for accurate, precise, and longer-lasting results.