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Dental Cleanings in Plattsburgh, NY

For a healthy and attractive smile, the American Dental Association advises scheduling cleanings twice a year and a yearly oral exam.  These visits give Drs. Heins and Gerner and their staff at True North Dental Group the opportunity to pinpoint trouble spots that may be the beginnings of a dental or oral health problem, such as tooth decay or periodontal disease. Found early, we can devise a treatment plan with action steps that help you avoid more invasive care that is usually more costly.

A yearly checkup also includes a dental cleaning and polishing that removes plaque buildup on your teeth and along the gum line so your risk of gum disease is lessened. These cleanings also remove surface stains, so your smile is whiter.

New Patient Exam

Are you a new patient at True North Dental Group? Then, welcome! We look forward to serving you and your family. At your first visit with Dr. Heins or Dr. Gerner, we will review your medical history. Research shows that there is a strong connection between your general health and your oral health. Therefore, the information we collect from this review becomes an important factor in your treatment at our dental practice.

One of the dentists or a dental hygienist will also inquire about any concerns you might have about your oral health or the appearance of your smile. With your input, we can give you the personalized dental treatments you deserve and not a set arrangement of services that you may not even need. A comprehensive oral health assessment will also be performed. 

The Oral Exam

During your yearly oral exam, the hygienist will examine all of your teeth for signs of tooth decay. Each tooth is probed with a small hand instrument that allows us to find soft or sticky spots in the enamel that may indicate the beginning of a cavity. Digital x-rays help up find decay in locations that are not visible to the naked eye and that cannot be probed.

We’ll also check your gums for signs of periodontal disease, a bacterial infection that is marked by red and swollen gum tissue, bleeding gums and enlarged gum pockets around your teeth. The depth of these pockets is measured, as well; a depth of more than four millimeters may indicate that you have gum disease.

Other steps included in a comprehensive oral exam at True North Dental Group include an:

Dental Cleaning in Plattsburgh

Finally, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and polished twice a year. Using a soft rotator and fluoride toothpaste, the hygienist cleans all the surfaces of each tooth, taking care to remove plaque. If there is tartar, then a special hand tool can remove this hardened version of plaque. Lastly, we will floss in between all of your teeth in order to remove any plaque accumulation here.

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